Experience the cosmic flavors

In a far away galaxy several moons ago, Space jam e-juice arrived here on planet earth, 2012 to be exact. The sole purpose was to teach us humans the truest form of the vaping experience ever. Houston the only problem I see is that the masses here are going to constantly be demanding even more of Space jams cosmically tempting flavors in bulks. Lets face it we have thousands of new vaping members climbing aboard this mothership everyday. Honestly when I first heard of the product a movie, a cosmic kind of jelly, or even an extraterrestrial type of song came to mind, hahaha. With this being said, I know so much more about the wonderful product that has satisfied many of our earthly taste buds and nicotine cravings. So let’s throw ourselves out into the universe for a moment and explore all of the many wonderful flavors, products and how to find them. First if you are a newbie to vaping you are probably going to be overwhelmed by the amounts of the many brands, and the many flavors. No need for all of that, simply type Space jam e-juice into whatever search engine you use and watch the cosmic magic unfold. There are countless sites to teach you everything you need to know about the number one e-juice Space jam! If you aren’t reading about it right here, you will find information all over the internet. There are many reputable vapor vendors in your local towns and surrounding cities as well as on-line suppliers around the country. So put that in your e-cig and smoke it hahaha, just kidding. Space jam comes in 15ml and 30ml sized bottles that have the droppers for easy fill ups. You have a wide range of nicotine strengths all the way from zero to twenty four milligrams. The range of flavors is certainly out of this world.
“Andromeda” I’d say started the Space jam revolution and has a unique blend of wild blueberries, mixed with an exotic flavor of pomegranate. MMMM!

“Pluto” delicate infusions of watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, with a finishing touch of bubble gum and mint. “Astro” Granny smith apple combined with strawberry.

“Venus” roasted marshmallows & peanut butter drizzled with caramel and a hint of cream.

“Galactica” sweet, ripe & delicious flavor of strawberries that wash over your taste buds to give you the experience of champagne with each exhale.

“Eclipse” is equipped with an advanced formulation of Cavendish essence & a seamless interstellar of vanilla bean and caramel flavor… mmm, so heavenly!

“Omega” is a sophisticated blend of delicious spiced peaches and sweet cream mmmm! absolute cosmic bliss!

“Starship 1″ a mouth watering mix of a vanilla custard inhale and a tropical kiwi flavored exhale. very close to a crème brûlée. Yes, out of this world!

There’s a new flavor set to arrive on earth soon at a Space jam vendor by you.